Gated Communities In Nassau: Top 5 Priced from $100k – $150k

The city of Nassau is a dynamic melting pot with diverse culture, sustainable commercial activity, a thriving tourism industry, modern infrastructure and countless real estate opportunities, making it one of the most important places to invest in. One may ask, what’s the best property type to purchase when seeking to make an investment in the capital of the Bahamas? The answer is multi-family lots. Apartments, duplexes, townhomes and condominiums are all valuable avenues to spend your money. In other words, you get a higher return on your investment with properties that can accommodate more than one family. This is especially because on the island of New Providence, there is an immense renter’s market.

With the demand, there comes trending factors. Trends show that those looking to reside on multi-family lots prefer to be in gated communities that give them privacy, safety, exclusive access to convenient amenities and more! These communities being in a prime alluring location is even an added plus. As a potential buyer, why not provide the market with what they’re looking for? BE Luxury Real Estate offers a buyer’s guide to help you determine if investing in Bahamian real estate should be your next move. To kickstart the process, take a look at the top 5 gated communities in Nassau with multi-family lots priced from $100k — $150k:

1) Tuscan Shores

Our first entry is the lovely Tuscan Shores. If you’re actively searching to begin new construction on townhomes or condos, consider purchasable plots in this community hosted in South Westridge. It is completely guarded, it displays beautiful sceneries and all sites have underground utilities. Model developments in this residential enclosure are designed with a rustic Mediterranean aesthetic. Tuscan Shores has a purely luxury layout with three pools, a playground for kids, a basketball court, a tennis court and more. There is a tight-knit connection among dwellers in this area and the environment is absolutely pleasant.

2) Serenity

One of Nassau’s most loved gated communities, Serenity, presents many options for multi-family acreage as well. It is a spectacular full-enclosed neighborhood showcasing homes that possess a classic Bahamian architectural look and a plethora of surrounding gorgeous landscapes. The name speak for itself. Behind the gates, residents experience a sense of peace and tranquility like no other. There is also a state-of-the-art clubhouse, pool, and miniature golf course within its perimeters. Working around the clock is a top-notch security team to monitor who can enter. Centered nearby distinguished schools, snazzy shopping locations, and fine-dining restaurants, Serenity is a great choice. The community can provide over 30 quality duplex designs for you to select from if you close on an appropriate lot for-sale in this locale.

3) Venice Bay

Covering about 200 acres at the end of Bacardi Road is the remarkable Venice Bay. This resort-style gated community in the southern area of New Providence has a unique combination of everything worth a home buyer’s dreams. From an elementary school to a country club and sizable pools for residents to occupy, Venice Bay supplies an enhanced experience. It also a development with a boating marina and great cycling trails. If you’re a potential multi-family home investor looking to tap into the short-term rental market, the good news is that Venice Bay is one of the gated communities allowing vacation rentals. You’ll come across some of the best ocean-front, canal-front and even hilltop lots that fit your budget.

4) High Point Estates

High Point Estates is not one to be missed. It an established hilltop enclave that offers a strong feeling of safety and community connection. Minutes away from downtown, the airport, and Cable Beach, this ultra-suburban area is a multi-family lot hotspot. It boasts amenities like soccer, basketball and tennis courts, an elegant clubhouse, a pool and more. The available and affordable plots found in this vicinity are ready to build with excellent high-elevation. If you’re mainly sold on investing in a property designed for a duplex, High-Point Estates could be ideal.

5) Via Della Rosa

With its close proximity to an unsurpassed blissful beach and impressive shopping centers, Via Della Rosa is another gated-community perfectly suited to meet the needs of today’s buyers and renters who are interested in multi-family dwellings. This secured neighborhood nestled in the heart of Coral Harbor features a number of lots with well-equipped underground infrastructure. Vacancies for sale include attractively priced land that creates provision for developments like duplexes and even fiveplexes. Inside this upscale community, you’ll find several recreational parks fitting for leisure activity.

End your search today and let BE Luxury Real Estate guide you on the pathway to owning a property in one of these world-class gated communities. There are many undeveloped multi-family lots located in these neighborhoods selling for around $150,000 or less, which is an impeccably great deal. If you’re unfamiliar on where to begin, reach out to our team that has cutting-edge knowledge about multi-family plots to help you with the income-generating investment.