Real Estate Team Look To Dominate Market Post-Covid

As the Bahamian economy crawls toward normalcy, a young real estate team is poised to take over, introducing a new approach and culture to real estate in the country. Realtors agree that this year’s prospects look much better than last year’s, and those numbers will climb in the coming years. As a result of relatively […]

Billionaires Are Escaping to These Majestic Bahamas Islands

It is no secret that Billionaires take delight in skipping off to tropical destinations to enjoy; the luxury. Whether it is to stay in their exclusive vacation homes for some time or completely move to such peaceful and stunning areas, Caribbean countries remain go-to retreats for the wealthy. The choices are endless in The Bahamas […]

Gated Communities In Nassau: Top 5 Priced from $100k – $150k

The city of Nassau is a dynamic melting pot with diverse culture, sustainable commercial activity, a thriving tourism industry, modern infrastructure and countless real estate opportunities, making it one of the most important places to invest in. One may ask, what’s the best property type to purchase when seeking to make an investment in the […]

Owning A Vacation Home In The Bahamas

Research shows that The Caribbean is again seeing an increase in travellers since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. Studies show that international travellers from Canada, US and UK are feeling optimistic and safe about traveling as a result of multiple vaccine rollouts. This great news suggests that there is growth among the targets in […]

Top Four Gated Communities: Lots Under $200,000

These days, gated-communities are at the forefront of a property buyer’s mind. They are especially attractive to those looking to potentially build a home in an area that matches their lifestyle needs and provides them with the opportunity to spend many years in the household. Are you one searching on the best place to construct […]

Investment Opportunities In The Bahamas: 5 Benefits

About 7 million people visited the Bahamas in 2019, and this number is increasing overall. While some want to visit these beautiful islands of the coast of Florida, others want to invest in them. There’s no shortage of investment opportunities in gorgeous vacation spots like the Bahamas, but some of the best opportunities are in […]

Three Bahamian Islands For Absolute Peace and Serenity

The Bahamas is a stunning archipelago full of incredible islands to visit and kick your feet up while taking in the reposeful sea breezes year-round. If you’re planning on being a first time visitor and looking to explore an unrated destination, the opportunities are endless. For frequent travelers, too, the question is most likely “how […]

Top 3 Underrated Islands in the Bahamas for True Peace and Serenity

The Bahamas is a stunning Caribbean archipelago full of incredible islands to kick your feet up while taking in the reposeful sea breezes. If you’re you’re looking to explore an underrated destination as a first-time visitor, the opportunities are endless. For frequent visitors too, the question is most likely how can I experience something new? […]