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Indulge in cultural, elegant and bespoke adventures in the world’s finest and most desired destinations. Our concierge team has carefully selected the best operators in each market to ensure our clients are met with quality service from beginning to end.


Beauty, Culture and Elegance.

Life is a succession of moments. Discover your own private Caribbean haven, where paradise and luxury come together as one. Our five-star, world class customer service and bespoke private villa offerings await. We invite you to spend your evenings enchanted and your days engulfed in the Caribbean waters that surround each private villa. Not exactly sure where or what you’d like to experience? Speak to our concierge or explore the islands through our magazine.



We offer our clients only the very best – hand selected properties with the most incredible views, amenities and staff to ensure an exceptional stay. These include luxury villas and fine boutique resorts.

Real Estate

Discover the most alluring and exclusive properties for sale throughout The Caribbean. Our real estate division has hand-selected the top trending developments and investment opportunities just for you.


Our team has carefully selected the best operators in each market for our clients to experience the Caribbean seas. Private charters are our preferred way to the private islands and cays.


With event planning expertise and network of the best providers, our team plans the most memorable events. Let our concierge know if you’re celebrating a birthday, anniversary or one of life’s greatest moments.l


Indulge in cultural, elegant and bespoke adventures in the world’s most desired destination, The Caribbean. Our concierge team arranges horseback rides, island tours, private restaurant dining and more.


More than a concierge service, our devoted team of lifestyle managers enhance our clients’ day-to-day. Through bespoke experiences and lifestyle services, our team take care of every aspect of our clients’ living and stay.

Complimentary 24/7 concierge services with direct booking of any of our villas or experiences.

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BE Luxury Magazine encompasses the very best of the Caribbean experiences and properties from The Bahamas to Turks & Caicos, US Virgin Islands, and beyond. We bring you a taste of luxury, wherever you go with exclusive destinations, private villas and experiences waiting to be discovered by you.


With scenic views all around, the island sizing 685 acres exudes palpable beauty. Once you navigate across the bridge, expect to be captivated by the rustling palm trees that rise above the majestic clear blue seas and stunning architecture.

The pace of property and resort construction in the Bahamas in 2020 and beyond is quite robust these days. Even The Expedia group, the world’s largest online travel agency, is reporting that travel…

With restrictions getting eased and lockdowns being gradually lifted, the islands are once again opening up to visitors.

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