The No. 1 Trending Destination for Beachfront Homes

What’s in your future? Is it living in a desirable home perched in paradise with wondrous architecture and direct beach access? Your vision is to be awakened by the sound of hitting waves and to be captivated by radiant marine landscapes seen from your windows or terrace. House goals like this can be achieved without being consumed by a troublesome search at all. If you appreciate the sea life or perhaps just enjoy being surrounded by idyllic sea views, it doesn’t get any more rewarding than securing the home of your dreams somewhere in The Bahamas.

The Bahamas is one of the most charming countries in the Caribbean region and there you’ll come across some of the most-sublime beaches in the world. Every distinct island sited within The Bahamas offers a trove of beachfront properties inspired by luxury. Apart from astounding visuals, the true beauty in The Bahamas lies in the numerous perquisites accessible to homeowners. It is a destination many have the pleasure of living or investing in, solely because of benefits and conveniences.

Below are 5 main reasons why the Bahamas remains a top pick for beachfront homes:

1) There are so many areas to choose from in The Bahamas.

From remote private islands to gated communities, you are able to make your pick and determine the right level of exclusivity that you prefer. Miles of sandy beaches stretch across The Bahamas, presenting the limitless ability to live somewhere along the shoreline. For example, you can house hunt in areas like Cable Beach, Ocean Club, The Eastern Road, Lyford Cay, Albany and more in the city of Nassau for a nifty metropolitan feel. You can also branch out to islands like Long Island, Abaco, Eleuthera or your own private cay for the utmost peace and tranquility. In these renowned areas, you’ll be able to discover a variety of turnkey beachfront properties to suit your lifestyle. There are modern condos, townhome residences, villas, and even large estates.

2) The real estate market is investor-friendly.

Economic conditions and laws in The Bahamas favor buyers who wish to purchase real estate. There aren’t many taxes imposed when investing in a home unlike in other countries. The most taxes you will encounter as a buyer are Annual Real Property Taxes, a small stamp tax and in particular instances, Value Added Tax (VAT). Additionally, the market is tremendously stable and this is not something you’ll experience very often in the Caribbean. Looking for returns on your investment? The Bahamas is the ideal place for short term rental property ownership. As a landlord, you have little to no government restrictions, even if you are a foreigner. The country welcomes foreign investors from the United States, Canada, France, and other places around the world. In fact, once you purchase a property valued at $750,000 or more, you are granted the opportunity to attain permanent residency (read more from our Buyer’s Guide).

3) Your beachfront home can be located near schools and other facilities that support family-life.

A huge draw for a large amount of home buyers is the property’s proximity to schools and other essential amenities. This is especially the case for buyers who have a family or plan to start one soon. It is a common assumption that living very near to a beach means that your home has to be on the far end of the island, with convenient facilities long away in the distance. The Bahamas, however, has successfully developed areas that’ll give you the best of both worlds. You can reside in beachfront homes that are built a short commute from reputable schools, shopping centers, parks restaurants and more.

4) Great weather year-round.

For tropic lovers, where great weather prevails, there isn’t much convincing needed. Almost every day in The Bahamas is the perfect day to take a nature stroll regardless of the season. With beachfront homes, you can take long walks in your backyard. The warm atmosphere consisting of beaming sunlight and fresh cool breeze makes for exciting outdoor activities. Swim around, go fishing, and set up picnics close to your house without much concern about flaky weather. The Bahamas is a high ranked location not only because it’s picturesque but also because of its consistently nice climate.

5) The Bahamas is a frequent vacation spot.

Many purchase beachfront homes to call their splendor vacation abode while others purchase these properties to be money makers. Whichever side of the coin you fall on, The Bahamas is the place to be. It is primarily chosen because there are endless opportunities for great holiday adventures. There are casinos, night clubs, fascinating tours and so much more for any traveler to achieve a fulfilling trip. If you are wanting to spend your summers or even your winters each year living in your own beachfront home in The Bahamas, it won’t be difficult at all to come across things to do. On the other hand, if you are wanting to rent out your home, it is not very challenging to attract tourists to occupy the house either.

While there are plenty of amazing destinations in the world where you can score a beachfront home, only a few can beat what The Bahamas has to offer. The country is filled with stunning developments and there are many compelling perks that come along. Whether you have your eyes set on a family home, a second vacation home or a rental investment, there are a ton of exceptional options. The Bahamas sets the standard with an incomparable environment to make a purchase.

Start your beachfront home buy search in The Bahamas today!

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