Pamper Yourself with Yacht Charters Bahamas

Indulge in luxury as you are whisked away to various unprecedented destinations using Our Collection’s assortment of extravagant yacht charters. Explore the Bahamas with a refined perspective as you gaze over the breathtaking water to behold the beauty surrounding you. A charter is the pinnacle of luxury as you immerse into open-air tranquility, drifting across the water. Guests can enjoy a party-like atmosphere with yacht charters Bahamas when seeking excitement onboard. The infusion of excitement and serenity provides the perfect Caribbean experience.

Benefits of a Yacht Charter

Yacht charters in the Bahamas offer an entirely different experience than cruising on an ocean liner. Firstly, yachts are much smaller, allowing the vessels to dock at local ports. In addition, the yacht’s size creates a more intimate experience knowing that seclusion is offered. Aside from intimacy, yacht charters are advantageous in the sense that they assist in escaping the large touristic crowds. Enjoy an unrivaled personalized experience as the crew exceeds your needs and expectations. Our crew’s goal is always to ensure that we are assisting in making your vacation one remember.

Specialty Meals Prepared Just for You

BE Luxury Collection’s chef and concierge specialist plays a crucial role in ensuring the finest cuisine onboard your vessel of choice. Our chef is responsible for preparing innovative and creative cuisine of the highest quality based on your quest prior to your charter booking. The cuisine can make all the difference between a great trip and an unforgettable cultural immersion when on vacation.

Enjoy Your Own Personal Travel Guides

The skilled crew members are well aware of the most touristic destinations. The courteous and polished professionals are happy to answer all questions along the tours. Discover the leading dining restaurants, bars, cafés, tourist attractions, and hidden gems. You can also learn more about the Bahamian culture and find out why this island offers unparalleled experiences in the Caribbean.

Yacht Rental Caribbean

Create your personalized experience by selecting the yacht rental that best suits your taste. BE Luxury Collection offers a variety of popular packages that ensure luxury at every turn:

82′ Sunseeker Yacht

This is one of Nassau’s most beautiful yachts featuring a spacious deck and beautiful bedrooms. It has the capacity to hold 13 guests with four cabins and three bathrooms. Amenities included in this yachting include DirecTV, water rafts, a jet ski, a Bluetooth stereo, and more. Fuel, toiletries, cutlery, sodas, ice, and water, are all included in the day charters while catering services are available upon request. Chef services can also be added to ensure that you are served gourmet meals to compliment your lavish experience on the water.

65′ Searay Yacht

If travelers do not require as much room as the 82′ Sunseeker Yacht, the option for a smaller yet equally as luxurious vessel is the 65-foot Searay. This yacht is equipped with a Bluetooth stereo, radar, TV, GPS, gear for snorkeling, a jet ski, and more. This yacht visits the most popular tourist destinations, Nassau Harbor, Gilligan’s Island, Rose Island, Paradise Island, Harbor Island, The Exumas, and Bimini. The 65′ Searay Yacht charter also offers catering services. Guests will prepare a list of the various food and beverage options they would like to enjoy, and supplies will be purchased and handed out the morning you arrive for your charter experience. Meals can also be prepared and served by one of the vessel’s seasoned chefs.

WaveRunner Jet Skis

Lastly, when seeking the thrill of a lifetime, it is advised to go jet skiing in the Bahamas. Create unforgettable memories by renting WaveRunners for all of the guests in your party.

Listed above are the most popular yachts; however, we offer an assortment of charters. Find out what other unique charters and experiences are waiting for you in The Bahamas by visiting our experiences.