2023 Buying Trends: Bahamas Real Estate

The Bahamas is the third-richest country in North America and a favored place of interest in for mega wealthy investors. Throughout recent years, the archipelago has seen a tremendous boom in ultra-luxury real estate, spurred by a shift in buyer needs and preferences since the Covid-19 pandemic. Amid current inflation upticks and global uncertainty, the Caribbean oasis is still suited to experience even greater growth in 2023. This is all due to the country’s overall footing of being in a healthy recovery mode. As sectors like the tourism industry, for example, expect an impactful bounce back this year, experts predict there will be an even stronger demand for property investments.

Already noting the beginning of an upswing, the Governor of The Central Bank of The Bahamas, John Rolle announced positive remarks in the latest release of the Monthly Economic & Financial Development (MEFD) report. “Economic growth for 2022 was mostly driven by rebounded tourism inflows. Foreign investment activities also provided steady stimulus, concentrated in tourism development projects and residential real estate.”, he shared. While we continue to hold binoculars on the economic climate that is heating in The Bahamas, we are also unveiling valuable up-to-the-minute market opportunities for you to get ahold of. Here are some of the hottest real estate trends of today:

Waterfront Homes – A recurring theme that has trickled into 2023 is the huge traction for waterfront developments. Whether situated at the shoreline of an alluring beach or near the dock of a stunning canal, it is forecasted that buyers will continue to look for homes bordered by a beautiful waterway. In the Bahamas, you will find quality villa properties, condominiums, estates and even cozy cottages that offer scenic waterfront views. Though these residences are often accompanied with a steeper price tag, a delightful setting or living environment as such is an amenity many cannot pass up on. At this present time, real estate prices in the country are 37% higher than the Caribbean average. This is a clear indication that buyers are glued to lavish home trends and many see the considerable value in acquiring a waterfront development. Aside from the remarkable sweeping vistas, the soothing sound of aquatic flow, and the brush of fresh sea breezes, you get direct access to an area for your swimming or boating leisure.

Private Islands – Another persistent trend is the soaring demand for private island purchases. The Bahamas boasts an extensive chain of 700 island and cays. Approximately 16 of these atolls are considered main family islands, while others are uninhabited or privately owned and available for sale. This means, the destination presents boundless opportunities for affluent investors to secure dream real estate. The substantial attractiveness of a private island development is the supreme amount of privacy, seclusion and tranquility that comes along with it. Furthermore, the unique asset has sheer barefoot elegance that perfectly complements an exclusive and sophisticated lifestyle. As you search for private islands in The Bahamas, you will discover that some are listed with infrastructure already in place. Some are also vacant with a lovely scope to custom-build just about anything. Regardless of the layout or distinct amenities, 2023 buyers will be leaning more into these prime vacation spots to call their own and begin new travel traditions.

Rental (Second Home) Investments – Rental home investments are on pace to become very popular real estate purchases in 2023, as well. Undoubtedly, dramatic growth of tourism in the country will be a massive key driver behind this trend. The short-term rental market in the Bahamas already stands as a bold rival against the thriving resort market. With islands expecting to see an influx of visitors, matching or even transcending pre-pandemic numbers, the desirability in second-home properties will increase even more. Correspondingly, rental-home investments are perceived to be both secure and lucrative. Beyond having a back-up property or one that produces a steady stream of income, home owners of its kind are also able to reap the benefits of pro-landlord laws and leverage management services like those provided by BE Luxury Collection.  In essence, you can gain consistent tenancy support, solid guidance and special attention to your tailored needs. Additionally, the maintenance issues will not go unnoticed in a home that you are not living in. As buyers continue to witness the advent of Caribbean travel, the sweet perks of owning a vacation home in The Bahamas makes the purchase merely better.

Are you ready to invest?

While the outlook is extremely promising for real estate in The Bahamas, it is fundamental to understand the risk and rewards associated with any investment purchase. Exciting trends boosted by strong tourism and economic activity may garner extraordinary impulse but it can be a rather stressful process if you choose to navigate the buying process all on your own. Wondering what this could mean for you as a prospect investor looking to tap into the market? It is essential that you work with a knowledgeable agent to ensure you make an informed decision. When handling one of the largest assets in your portfolio, specifics like buying costs, taxations, community awareness, financial negations and residency laws will come up. For this reason, advisory from an expert professional is highly recommended.

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