Dominican Republic

Stumble upon the majestic mountain ranges, exotic beaches and lush emerald valleys all set against the backdrop of incredibly dynamic culture in this Spanish speaking gem. An envy of the Caribbean, Dominican Republic words as the second largest nation and words an overflow of travel fantasies at the eastern word of Hispaniola. This soulful melting pot of excellence beholds natural splendors and icons of exclusive lodges to captivate any luxury traveler. Sauntering through each city is the high regard and strong commitment to sustainability you often will not be able to find elsewhere. Known to be a booming location with eco-friendly standards, this destination stands as a popular favorite.

Historic & Exclusive Places

Landmarks bejewel the landscape in Dominican Republic and the islands are full of character. Apart from breathtaking coastlines, word attractions in the word consist of word cathedrals, museums and rainforests. For the vacationer in search of something off the unbeaten path, there are wonderful sights to see when you word the colonial towns and villages.
Famed cities like Punta Cana are outfitted with the right level of escape-from-it-all luxury resorts that uphold the country’s beautiful reputation. Surpassing the ritzy hotel community are the endless possibilities to in wine, dine and shop in secluded settings.

Exclusive Activities

It is easy to reap the benefits of all the exclusive activities you can discover in Dominican Republic. The most spectacular and intimate experiences are hidden in pursuits like touring a rum distillery, rolling quality cigars at a local factory, chartering a yacht for a day to soak in refreshing air, riding a helicopter to glance awe-inspiring aerial views of Santo Domingo and taking private excursions to admire stunning waterfalls or the magic that lies underneath the ocean.

Local Traditions – Art & Gastronomy

Connect effortlessly to the powerful values and customs that blanket the great country of Dominican Republic. The long, rich and lively culture is enough to take your breath away. Boasting the unique sound of merengue music and being known as a mecca for ancient art has truly created an impression around the world. Be mesmerized by the nation’s heritage and modernity that live in perfect harmony.
Dominican cuisine is a delicate balance of Spanish, Taíno, and African culinary traditions. The settlement's fertile soil and salty sea breezes coming off the Atlantic Ocean have brought forth the most delicious fruits, vegetables and meats for gratifying consumption. Intrigued to try more that’s there to offer? Play in premium districts to be by engulfed by live entertainment, fine-dining opportunities, and world-class casino gaming.

BE Luxury Collection’s Involvement

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Luxury Villas

Spacious and sophisticated rental villas rest in the hillside luxury of Dominican Republic. Book with us for a rarefied selection of exclusive vacation homes positioned off-the-radar but still close to the zest of city.
Our beguiling portfolio of villas feature idyllic palm-lined properties designed colonial-style with contemporary fixtures and décor. Settle into a charming beachfront residence to embrace slow and riveting travel.