The Bahamas

A spectacle of paradisical excellence sits closer than you’ve imagined. Tucked away just a proximate distance in miles off the southern coast of Florida is a tiny but prestigious destination that embraces its vicinity and attracts millions of visitors each year. The Bahamas is a notable enclave elevated by supreme tranquility, vibrancy and luxury. The unmistakable secret to its charm is the shimmering landscape of crystal-clear aquamarine waters, the exceptionally comforting warm climate, and the extensive list of experiences to stoke any bucket-list explorer. There is unrivaled beauty and incredibly rich culture packed in over 700 islands and cays that frame the impressive archipelago. This is inclusive of 16 major islands, all possessing their own distinct identities and vibe.

Historic & Exclusive Places

Dotted across the chain of islands are remarkable sites to see and soak in. Tailor-made for any discerning traveler, the nation boasts a glorious medley of famous attractions and luxurious accommodations. Visiting the iconic Pig Beach, Pink Sands Beach or Dean’s Blue Hole captures the essence of nature’s best. In most settlements, expert guides yearn to tell the intriguing chronicles of landmark forts and caves.
The capital of Nassau is the country’s buzzing metropolis and it is the ideal hub to yield anyone the most consummate mixture of city and island life. It is there and even more laid-back places like Exuma, Eleuthera, Paradise Island, Freeport and Bimini you can unlock unpareled access to boutique hotels and lodges that were designed to easily impress the elite vacationer.
World class resorts such as Atlantis, Albany, Ocean Club, Baha Mar and more all offer layers of sheer opulence with oceanfront vacation residences and the convenient amenities of today at your fingertips. Delight in the private and secluded realms of The Bahamas and enjoy exclusive elements like championship golf courses, five-star casinos, high-end stores and premium spas to complement your getaway.

Exclusive Activities

Travel to The Bahamas to encounter your dreams as this is a supreme destination that encompasses the top lifestyle leisure activities of the Caribbean. Beyond the plethora of pristine beaches to treasure, a carefree day can also be spent aboard a swanky boat or yacht. Full-day and half-day chartered experiences give you the one-of-a-kind opportunity to sunbathe and unwind while sailing the epic waters
Private tours at sea revolve around unique adventures like pit-stopping at a picturesque sandbar or swimming with nurse sharks, dolphins and pigs. Plunge into the azure ocean with snorkeling or scuba diving gear for a direct gaze of the magical aquatic ecosystem consisting of kaleidoscopic coral reefs, an array of fish, and saltwater turtles. When the marine escapades do not spark your interest, there are still simply sophisticated recreations to revel in on land. The city of Nassau delivers wine making and rum-tasting experiences, while on outer islands you can roam national parks, hike through scenic trails or feed iguanas to truly appreciate wildlife.

Local Traditions – Art & Gastronomy

When it comes to tradition and culture, The Bahamas is an astounding burst of admired customs. A sense of pride evolves from must-see annual occasions like boating festivals called “regattas” and Junkanoo, a celebration that parades pure creativity on the island streets to the divine sounds of instrumental rhythms.
The friendly nation with both West Indies and American influences has been a longtime domain for artistry. Among the immersive market, you will find local vendors making eccentric straw arrangements or a wide range of options to visit contemporary galleries.
A culinary scene that is fine work within itself features native Bahamian recipes and diverse cuisines accentuated by a tasty Caribbean flair. Savor the flavors at one of the many firstclass restaurants owned by celebrity chefs or cherish a more laid-back ambience at any beachside eatery offering a fresh fish catch. Nothing beats a nightcap at the highly acclaimed upscale bars or dance clubs.

BE Luxury Collection’s Involvement – Travel & Real Estate

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Luxury Villas

Pair your vacation time with a lavish oceanfront villa nestled along a shoreline. The Bahamas has a covetable collection of modern homes and estates prized with custom fixtures, island chic décor and exquisite amenities to make a short-term or extended stay one to remember. The splendor of our vacation villas available for rent permeates all corners and the hypnotic vistas are absolutely riveting.

Real Estate

Perfectly augmenting the value of island living, luxury real estate has risen to great prominence in The Bahamas. With a stellar range of property investment opportunities in the most affluent communities, buyers are able to score glamorous developments to meet their eye and individualized needs.
From beachfront condominiums to quaint cottages, top notch villas and even remote private islands, market finds for residential elegance are peerless and endless. Homes are tastefullycrafted by the inspo of traditional colonial-style Bahamian architecture intertwined with modish designs.
The bedrock of our business is real estate. Leverage the unpareled assistance of industry maestros and globally recognized resources here at BE Luxury Collection to discover a property that encapsulates all you have ever wanted in life. The Bahamas is the premier foreign investor haven in the Caribbean region, affording favorable tax advantages, prolandlord laws, and accessible pathways for permanent residency.