The pace of property and resort construction in The Bahamas in 2020 and beyond is quite robust. Even The Expedia group, the world’s largest online travel agency, is reporting that travel demand to luxury properties throughout the Caribbean has increased since 2016. And how could it be any different when the rise of exclusive travel is shaping up to be the next significant trend in the sector. To meet the changing needs of travellers and tourists, The Bahamas is welcoming a diverse collection of resorts from boutiques to behemoths, from all-inclusives to condo/hotels and villas, and from independent properties to luxury chains.

It seems like the canvas of pristine island life that the Bahamas has to offer is the perfect background to the new need for immersion, not tourism. Exclusive travel is a new way to look at and experience what island culture, locations, and nature have to offer. It’s about finding the meeting point between sustainability (green travel) and being responsible to the destinations and luxury. It’s about collecting stories to tell and moments to remember.

As we’re seeing more and more properties, tour operators, and other suppliers adopting sustainability in travel and ecotourism, the Bahamas seems to be pairing well with green travel. People are realizing that their desire to see the world doesn’t have to disrupt local communities or wildlife efforts and they want to know what their sustainability ‘footprint’ will be.

For this reason, we’re seeing travelers redefine the meaning of ‘luxury’. What used to be about extravagance and high-levels of comfort and pampering, we’re now shifting the focus towards the overall experience. Great quality is still part of what luxury travel encompasses, but there’s a personal aspect to luxury that goes deeper with exclusive travel.

How are travellers evolving their tastes?

There are certainly some items that universally translate as “luxury”, but exclusive travel is more about cultural exploration and activity-based travel experiences. A beautiful beach villa or 5-star hotel are certainly in demand but travel doesn’t end with nice amenities any more. 

The new way tourists want to experience travel is by engaging with a place and a culture in a more intimate way. Authenticity has become a core principle of exclusive travel. Tourists want to go beyond cruises and timed visits of historic landmarks and actually spend time interacting with locals.

We see exclusive travel as a natural continuation of luxury travel, which continues to thrive throughout the world and the Caribbean. The diverse environment of the Bahamas creates a thirst for next level experiences. From unique natural landscapes to vibrant one off moments – they embody what luxury experiential travel is all about and is something that we at Embrace Media Group are experts in.

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