The Best Luxury Vacation Destinations in the Caribbean

From the Bahamas in the north all the way to St. Lucia in the south, the Caribbean teems with impeccable luxurious resorts that adorn the pristine beaches of its beautiful islands. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious romantic getaway, an all-inclusive family holiday or a break away from it all in absolute privacy, there is a destination just for you. Here are our top picks for the best luxury vacation destinations in the Caribbean region.

 The Bahamas

With more than 700 islands and thousands of colorful cays, islets and atolls, the Bahamas is a true Caribbean sun-drenched oasis. From the cosmopolitan Nassau and the exclusive nightlife of Paradise Island to the pink-sand beaches of Eleuthera and the lush mangroves of Andros, the Bahamas offers countless options that are bound to satisfy even the most demanding travelers. It’s where virgin coastlines and mesmerizing blue waters meet some of the world’s most impressive estates in a fascinating amalgam of natural beauty and absolute luxury. 

Turks and Caicos

 For those that want to escape the crowds and enjoy their holidays in absolute serenity, there is no better choice than Turks and Caicos. The vivid string of coral islands that is Turks and Caicos spans for an astonishing 950 miles southeast of the Bahamas to encompass 40 alluring islands – only 8 of which are inhabited. This small Caribbean country is best known for its year-round sunshine, its 230 miles of unspoiled sandy shores, and ritzy resorts that invite guests to experience true Caribbean paradise. 


 “The fairest isle that eyes ever beheld”, as Colombus so elegantly remarked, is a real tropical oasis in the heart of the Caribbean. Boasting stunning exotic landscapes that encompass lush jungles, dashing rivers, majestic waterfalls and world-famous coral reefs, Jamaica is a must for nature lovers and diving enthusiasts. From coast to coast the island is adorned by some of the finest oceanfront luxury resorts in the world and impeccable villas located right where aquamarine waters meet the tall palm trees and the pristine sands.

St. Lucia

 With an exciting blend of vibrant reefs, luscious rainforests, volcanic landscapes and the magnificent sight of the famous Pitons peaks, St. Lucia should without a doubt be high on your bucket list for your next luxury vacation in the Caribbean. The small island presents two very distinct personalities on each end. The northern side is best-suited for those looking for a spirited nightlife in the capital city of Castries while the southern side is a world-class romantic hideout, an ideal destination for the perfect honeymoon. Here you’ll find numerous extravagant properties with wide infinity pools and unobstructed views of the majestic Pitons. 


Puerto Rico

 Puerto Rico is an island that immediately sparks fantasies of tropical havens and lost paradises at first sight. This captivating land has something on offer for every type of traveler. Enchanting precolonial Taíno ruins for history buffs, exciting wildlife reserves in tropical forests for outdoor enthusiasts, perfect waves for watersports thrillseekers and, of course, immaculate sandy beaches with shimmering azure waters for everyone. In Puerto Rico, you’ll find the perfect accommodation option for your vacation, from colossal opulent resorts in the most popular locations to refined elegant properties tucked away in hidden shores.


St. Barth

 St. Barth (or St-Barthélemy as it is internationally known) is a sophisticated tropical oasis that brims with sun-soaked shores, clear cerulean waters, rugged cliffs and lush green hills. Its coastline is dotted with luxurious yachts and sailing boats owned by the jet setters and high-class socialites that frequent the small island. Besides scenic landscapes and beautiful beaches, on St. Barth you’ll find upscale boutique shops, high-end restaurants and gorgeous seaside private resorts.  


 This tiny Caribbean paradise is much more than meets the eye. Even though only 21 miles long, Aruba offers everything you may need for a flawless luxury vacation. White-sand beaches lined with Divi Divi trees, beautiful natural rock pools, turquoise waters that are home to a flamboyance of flamingoes, sublime gastronomy and year-round excellent weather make Aruba one of the most extraordinary destinations in the Caribbean. Luxury travelers will be delighted to know that Aruba features world-class beach resorts and high-end restaurants on its most famous beaches as well as high-class designer boutiques and chic nightclubs in Oranjestad that are bound to make your next Caribbean holiday in Aruba unforgettable.


 Anguilla is the Caribbean’s rising star, rapidly gaining popularity as one of the most popular luxury destinations in the region. During the past years, the graceful island has become home to numerous splendid palatial estates and gorgeous properties, attracting sophisticated guests and discerning travelers looking for luxurious holidays to its sandy shores. What makes Anguilla truly stand out from the neighboring islands are the glamorous coasts that are lined with palm trees, dashing restaurants and cosmopolitan beach bars. The island’s offshore atolls and cays also make it ideal for short cruises and relaxing sailing trips.


 Boasting year-round excellent weather and astonishing natural beauty, the chain of tiny islets that make up Bermuda is one of the most sought-after luxury destinations in the Caribbean. Immersed in the crystal-clear waters of the Sargasso Sea, Bermuda features colorful contrasts between the brightly colored oceanfront mansions and the rich greenery beyond. Despite its small size, Bermuda offers visitors several options to make their stay memorable such as diving excursions in beautiful reefs, classy art galleries, intriguing museums, world-class golf courses and ethereal seafront properties.   


 A real paradise dome, Antigua is a haven for luxury travelers looking for off-the-grid escapades. The island’s winding coasts form countless little bays and narrow coves that hide charming private beaches with emerald waters. That makes Antigua an exceptional destination for yacht owners that can explore all the secret bays around its rim and discover beautiful untouched shores. Just a bit to the north, Antigua’s little sister island called Barbuda is definitely worth a few days during your vacation. The tiny island features marvelous beaches and an abundance of exotic wildlife.

British Virgin Islands

Between the full moon all-night parties at the main island of Tortola, the laid-back atmosphere of Anegada, the superyachts floating peacefully around Virgin Gorda, the white sands of Jost Van Dyke and the legendary beach bar at Norman Island, the British Virgin Islands offer quite the sight. Comprising of more than 50 islets, this destination is often overlooked and under-advertised which is exactly why it’s ideal for an exclusive luxury vacation in total privacy.


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