The enchanting nation of Barbados is a long-time prize destination for luxury travel as it is an utter product of beautiful nature and vibrant culture. Perched in the West Indies near Caribbean neighbors like St. Lucia and St. Vincent, it leaves no stone unturned for the true itinerant. Journey through its quaint settlements or within the capital city of Bridgetown for a getaway filled with delight and pure insouciance. Sizing just 21 miles long and 14 miles wide, there is great mystique attached to the green hills of its interior and the azure waters of its fringes.

Historic & Exclusive Places

From its earliest days as a British colony to its modern-day status as an independent nation, Barbados has been shaped by its unique history. Dive into its rich heritage when you discover storybook settings like ancient churches, docks and villages around the country. The renowned St. Nicholas Abbey is the perfect site to learn tremendous Bajan chronicles as it is the home to a museum, plantation and rum-distillery.
Retreat exquisitely in places situated across Barbados that are well worthy of a five-star label. The island is repleted with strips of pristine private beaches, world-class golf courses, hotels and resorts. Enjoy the peace and tranquility of a day anchored in the marina at a prestigious yacht club or the entrainment of an evening spent at a high-end restaurant located in the sophisticated area of St James Parish.

Exclusive Activities

Vacation in the lap of luxury when visiting the irresistible isle. Among the inventory of the exclusive things to do in Barbados, luxury shopping, personal city tours, and enthralling water adventures like parasailing, kiteboarding or snorkeling all exist. Be swept away by the natural ambiance and unspoiled purity of Crane Beach graced with powder soft pink-sand or experience sipping coconut rum cocktails at sunset on a private chartered boat.

Local Traditions

Barbados is a prime Caribbean destination where you can truly admire galleries saturated with a variety of exhibits and attend inspiring art fairs which bring together local and international artists in a range of mediums.
Summertime on the island simply means that it is time to bask in the excitement of Crop Over season. This colorful and traditional festival attracts more than a million people from all over the world each year. Visitors and locals celebrate on the streets in radiant costumes, moving their bodies to the soulful melodies of calypso and soca music.
The island's food scene is just as compelling as its artistic one. From upscale dining in historic buildings to casual beachside fare, there is no shortage of delectable options. Culinarians typically infuse creativity into authentic cuisines, incorporating pungent spices and flavors.

BE Luxury Collection’s Involvement

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Luxury Villas

Masterful architecture, supreme privacy, and cutting-edge functionalities are some of the many pleasures of a luxury villa in Barbados. Quality takes the lead in the elegant and contemporary escapes punctuated by lifestyle conveniences. Hidden in quiet communities with ample proportions, imagine a place that's perfect for you, your family and friends. Book a stunning vacation rental with us where the views are absolutely breathtaking, amounting to a constant state of awe.