A Guide To Harbour Island – Best For Families

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The Bahamas’ Harbour Island is a magnificent collection of pastel cottages dating back to the late 18th century. The island’s natural splendor mirrors the character of its inhabitants. They will greet you with a “home” and treat you like family the second you get off the water taxi.


After taking you in, they are eager to provide excellent care. What amazing, generous people call this island home!


A wonderful spot to make memories with your little ones, Harbour Island welcomes families. It’s the perfect spot to show off your swim collection. For your next beach vacation, here is a handy travel guide.

How You Can Get There

Eleuthera, Bahamas is the destination of your flight from Miami. Then, for just a few bucks per person, you can take a 10-minute cab journey to the marina and then a 10-minute water taxi to the island.


Options for Reasonable Accommodations


Here are some great and reasonable options for accommodations:

Coral Sands:

It sits on nine picturesque acres of gardens, just outside Dunmore Town. Coral Sands is a stunning coastal hotel. Not only will you have 39 luxurious rooms and suites with dark wood furnishings and cool tile floors, but you will also have three miles of white sand just outside your door.

From the pool, you can easily reach the library, billiards room, tennis court, and the excellent French-Bahamian restaurant. A delightful option for energetic families, friends, or couples.

Pink Sands:

It has 25 stylish accommodations, including suites and villas, on the beautiful Pink Sand Beach. Children will have a lot of fun playing in the 26 acres of gardens, discovering new water sports, playing tennis, or discovering the beach in one of the many homes or cottages that are perfect for families.

The sophisticated bar and menu of delicious restaurant dishes made using locally acquired ingredients will surely be a hit! Minimalist and exquisite.

Runaway Hill Club:

Situated on a bluff with a view of Pink Sand Beach, this is another amazing option for families.

Enjoy beautiful seaside views from the main house or a neighboring cottage while dining on locally grown vegetables and participating in the many events planned by the welcoming staff of the club.

A more relaxed vacation spot with plenty of traditional Bahamas charm for larger parties or families.

The Dunmore:

Sprawls out over ten acres of beachfront property and features luxurious rooms, bungalows, and villas, creating the atmosphere of an exclusive beach club.

Guests may enjoy the resort’s beachfront bar, fitness center, and clubhouse, which are all decorated in a mod style reminiscent of the 1960s.

Together they make it an ideal retreat for newlyweds or families on vacation. You can also anticipate relaxing treatments and aquatic sports.

The Ocean View Club:

Perfect for families or couples looking for beachfront living. Located just steps away from the beach, this charming, family-run establishment offers a perfect setting for relaxation surrounded by beautiful décor.

Guests who are looking for a more relaxed atmosphere and stunning furnishings will love this hotel.


Places to Eat and Shop at Harbour Island


Places to eat:

COCOA Coffee House: A comfortable place to recharge.

Queen Conch: Here you can have a delectable conch salad that is prepared to order.

Arthur’s Bakery: When it comes to freshly baked products and an incredibly kid-friendly place, this is the spot!

Rock House Restaurant: Both romantic and private.

Sip Sip: Savor the world-famous lobster quesadilla and other delectable dishes while gazing out at the ocean.

Places to shop:

Miss Mae’s, Shine, Blue Rooster: Cute caftans and stylish island accessories are available at all three of these adorable businesses.

India Hick’s Sugar Mill: India Hicks is a store selling exquisite accessories and high-end designer apparel on Bay Street, which runs beside the Harbour.

Additionally, you can find numerous roadside vendors selling jewelry, straw bags and caps, and various natural treasures like conch shells and starfish.

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